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HCL Commerce

World’s leading B2C and B2B Ecommerce platform

HCL Commerce

HCL Commerce is one of the world’s leading eCommerce solutions and has been ranked consistently in the top spot by research groups in reputed studies like the Forrester Wave and Gartner Magic Quadrant. The platform provides an advanced, highly customizable, and integrated solution that allows businesses of all sizes to deliver a highly effective B2C and B2B customer experience.


  • Omni-Channel: Provide a consistent shopping experience to your customers across channels with centrally managed merchandising and marketing options.
  • Modern Architecture: Micro-services based architecture design with distributed servers with logical separation of custom and core platform features allows a flexible development and deployment strategy. Platform components are based on open source technologies like Java, JQUERY, etc., makes it easier to integrate with external systems.
  • Externalized Customizations: Simplified model to develop, deploy and manage changes in the platform without affecting the underlying platform features.
  • Watson Content Hub integration (formerly DX Content Hub): Watson Content Hub is a cloud-based solution which allows business owners to create, curate, and manage all storefront content by leveraging Watson’s cognitive powers.
  • Order Management System Integration: Watson Commerce comes bundled with the IBM Sterling Order Management System integration to effectively process orders and inventory.

Key Features

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    Flexible Catalog Management
    Manage all aspects of product information and easily create personalized catalog(s).
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    Massive Scalability
    HCL Commerce is designed to scale to exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
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    Personalization & Precision Marketing
    Ability to manage, via business rules, a unique experience based on customer browsing behavior.
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    Multi-Site Implementation
    Patented technology that uses a true inheritance model to quickly deploy multi/micro sites.
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    Headless Commerce
    Exposing all commerce functions via REST APIs to build better customer experience across any channels.
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    Centralized Business User Tooling
    Empowers business users to manage the elements of a storefront from a single and intuitive dashboard.
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    Advanced Search Capabilities
    Eliminate search queries with no results to enhance the customer experience.
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    Integrated Solutions
    CMS, DAM, Dx, Elastic (AI)
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    Commitment to the future
    Feature rich roadmap with continued commitment to expand the included toolset and features
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    Support, support, support
    Formal support channel, architectural review, proof-of-concepts, technical guidance, Q&A. Johnn Tinch, Technical Advisors. Brian Gillepsie, R&D head. Stephanie S. Heyward, Advisory Services Leader
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    Customer Connect, Commerce Summit
    Regular Customer Connect and annual Commerce Summit. For customers, partners, HCL team, testimonials, demos, shared experiences, roadmap.

OSLO Commerce Starter Store

OSLO is a platform agnostic commerce starter store, headless, SPA, PWA, lightning fast all built on a modern technology stack.

OSLO takes care of all the Commerce tasks, and offers a full featured functional solution while providing complete flexibility to customize the UI/UX and any of the functional components. Think of OSLO as a starting point—for most sites get up to 90% functionality ready-to-go and out-of-box. Just add water and see it grow!

Case Study

Rebuilding Yamaha Music eCommerce site

Learn how Solveda leveraged HCL Commerce (formerly know as IBM Watson Commerce) to rebuild the complete eCommerce portal with enhanced user experience, performance and scalability.

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