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Marketing Automation

Take Control of your Marketing with Watson Campaign Automation

Marketing Automation

IBM Watson Campaign Automation is a powerful and versatile marketing automation software on the cloud. This omni-channel marketing solution allows you to craft and deliver a personalized customer experience across several channels using the power of AI and Cognitive.

With its comprehensive integration options with major CRM solutions, digital journey crafting, in-depth personalization, customer analytics, and integrated Watson AI support, Watson Campaign Automation gives you the tools to completely revolutionize the way your organization can approach marketing, with the trademark dependability and security of IBM.


Customer Journey canvas – Design Journey storyboards that align to your marketing objectives, then automate them into multi-tier campaigns across multiple channels with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Truly Omni-channel – Crafting the perfect campaign is just half the work, delivering it is the rest. E-mail, mobile push, SMS, social media, and everything in-between; IBM gives you the power to decide exactly when and where your prospects receive your message.

Advanced Targeting – Use datapoints such as customer location, time of day, and even weather conditions to determine the right way to reach the customer, the right message to do it with, at the right time.

AI Watson Assistant – An AI powered assistant that can completely change the way even simple tasks can be approached, streamlining workflows to enable better decision making.

Performance Insights – Get closer to finding out what exactly your customers want with every campaign. Analyze campaign results and gain insights from charts and graphs to tweak and improve your campaigns.

Lead Management – Close the gap between marketing and sales by improving lead acquisition rates and decreasing lead acquisition costs. Score your leads by their progression along your funnel to determine which leads are closer to maturity, and maximize your conversion ratios.

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